• Bigger Sky Kids in Wolf Point, Montana


Signpost showing the remoteness of Wolf Point Montana

Bigger Sky Kids sponsors after-school, art-based instruction and provides a safe place for children to participate in program activity. By gathering teachers and artists representing a wide range of talent and ensuring they have essential resources, we enable kids in our community to

  • explore and express their creativity through visual arts, music, dance, drama, and more
  • experience domestic arts such as cooking, sewing, and gardening
  • acquire computer literacy and other life skills

“A substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes.”

— The Brookings Institution, 2/12/2019

“Music reaches parts of the brain that other things can’t. It’s a strong cognitive stimulus that grows the brain in a way that nothing else does, and the evidence that musical training enhances things like working memory and language is very robust.”

“The benefits of playing music help your brain more than any other activity,” Inc.com, 8/20/2017

What matters to us at B!SK?

Building trust, assuring safety, developing relationships, providing learning opportunities.

What are some of our core values?

We focus on what matters to the child and what they need. We want to be sure that what we offer is in response to what matters to them.

We provide a well-taken-care-of space that is properly supplied, well-lit, comfortable, welcoming with adequate supervision for all activities. Bigger Sky kids will share in taking good care of the space as well, helping clean up, returning materials to their storage spaces, handling equipment responsibly.

A primary task and opportunity of B!SK is building respectful and trusting relationships. It is foundational for everything we do. Bigger Sky kids can help contribute their own “norms.” We insist on some non-negotiables: we treat one another with care and kindness, patience and a spirit of generosity. No harm done, verbally or physically. We will practice listening, and hearing. We will honor individual needs even as we build our sense of community.

We distinguish between learning and knowledge. Our emphasis is on learning. Giving kids an opportunity to explore activities that will evoke their own creativity, curiosity and pleasure in engaging and working with others. Our program is not about “grades” or “being evaluated” or “taking a knowledge test.” It is about self-discovery, self-expression, skill building and confidence building. We take our time together seriously. But this is not “school” in the sense of “right or wrong.” It is a time and place for creativity and discovery.

Honoring the kids and practicing hospitality begins the moment they arrive. Each will be welcomed and greeted by name. At the end of activity time, kids will have an opportunity to share what they have worked on or reflect on their experience. At the end of our time together, we will thank each one for being with us, look forward to seeing them again, and send them off by name. We are very intentional about personal recognition and honoring the presence, time and effort of each Bigger Sky kid.